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Animal shelters in the Geneva area:

Even if you are not able or willing to adopt an animal right
now, many of the shelters appreciate a helping hand with  
some cat petting or by taking some of the dogs for walks.

Société Genevoise pour la Protection des Animaux
Refuge de Vailly
5, Av de la Cavoitanne
1233 Bernex (Geneva)
Phone: 022 - 757 13 23
Fax:      022 - 777 10 00

If you are a cat person, why not visit:
Chemin du Plantin 2
1217 Meyrin (Geneva)
Phone: 022 - 785 32 84

Hidden in the forest of neighbouring France is a shelter for
cats and dogs:
S.O.S Animaux
Route de Mourex
01170 Gex (France)
Phone: 0033 (0)450 41 74 80

If you are looking for cats, dogs, horses or other animals,
speak with:
Animaux Secours
Refuge de l'Espoir
Arthaz (France - 12 km from Geneva)
Phone: 0033 (0)450 36 02 80
Johanna Mulvaney
69, Rue du Rhône (5th floor), 1207 Geneva
Phone: 078/805 73 74